And it's not quite over yet! It's 9:45 Thursday evening. A smattering of rain drops fell a little while ago. The forecasters have been spewing doom and gloom about a Nor'easter that will dump a gazillion inches of snow on the Northeast corridor. All day the report has jumped numbers. In a three hour span it went from 5-8 inches, 1-3 inches, 4-6 inches, 2-5 inches, now 2-4 inches. They have absolutely no idea how to forecast this one. At least they admit it this time. That's always a positive step forward. So we'll wake up tomorrow morning and find out what - if anything - happened overnight.

Let me back up to Monday. Monday afternoon, I opened an email from an agent to whom I sent the first few pages of The Road to Nowhere. Expecting the usual "thanks for thinking of me but no thanks," I nearly fell out of my chair when she expressed her excitement about the story and requested the next 50 pages. Wahoo!! I spent 48 hours agonizing over what words to change and how I could possibly make it better before bullying myself into just hitting send. The second I did, I felt sick to my stomach. What if's flew through my mind. What if I made some mistakes? (I did.) What if I should have spent more time editing? (Too bad, it's in cyberspace now.) What if I didn't make the main character's strong enough? (Let them fend for themselves. They can handle it.) So after twenty-four hours, I finally stopped fussing.

Tuesday I exchanged pages with another writer to help critique. We are both entering The Frasier writing contest. I bit my nails (not really, they're acrylic on top of my real nails) until I received it back. Then I was just as nervous about sending the critique back to him. Thankfully he appreciated my comments.

Wednesday, I applied his suggestions to my work, prepared the email, attached the file, and stared at the computer. My brain kept saying "click send" but my finger didn't get the message. What if's flew around again. I finally sent it but didn't feel as sick this time. Great! An improvement!

So now I am waiting to hear back from the agent. Generally there is one of two possible replies. She will either send a polite "no thank you" (at least I hope she's polite), or she'll ask to see the entire manuscript. I'd love it to be the second one, but I'm okay if it's the first. This is the first time I've made it to round 2 in the agent-searching process. That's progress! I like progress. I won't hear anything about the contest until June so I'm putting those thoughts aside for now.

As I said in one of my earlier posts, I will be doing more book reviews and blog tours. The first blog tour is scheduled for April 9. We will discuss some of the questions at the back of The Girl in the Gatehouse. Be sure to stop by. I have another blog tour scheduled for May 18 for the book Unconventional. More to follow on that.

So, what has your week been like? Anything new? Same old same old?



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