Networking is a part of every business. I'm learning the importance of it as it applies to publishing and writing. I'm learning a lot from various blogs but I've also been winning free books. Here are the ones I've won so far.
An autographed copy of Love on Assignment by Cara Lynn James from Seekerville.
From the back cover: Newport. Rhode Island, in 1900 - a glamorous resort town where the rich and famous go to see and be seen

Charlotte Hale isn't part of that world. She's a working girl, a secretary for a local newspaper, who dreams of becoming a real reporter. When her boss offers her an assignment, she jumps at the opportunity. She'll go undercover as a governess to investigate a scandal about her new employer, Daniel Wilmont, a young widowed professor of religion who writes a controversial column in a rival newspaper.

Charlotte's qualms about misrepresenting herself to Daniel soon morph into a deeper quandary. How can she get the goods on a man who turns out to be so honorable? How can she plot the downfall of a family that has inspired her to rediscover her faith? And how can she protect the man she now loves from a scheme she's been part of since the beginning?

Give the Lady A Ride by Linda Yezak from The MBT Ponderers.
From the author's website:

“She’s no bigger than a newborn heifer,” is Talon Carlson’s first impression of Patricia Talbert when he discovers the ranch he’d hoped to inherit now belongs her. Part-time bull rider, full-time ranch foreman, he realizes his entire future rests in the hands of a tiny woman who doesn’t know beans about either.

The lure of living someplace where no one knows her or cares that her father is a senator sends Patricia into the waves of indecision. New York is home; it’s familiar. But on the Circle Bar Ranch, no one will use her as the gateway to the senator. Maybe on the ranch, she can separate herself from her father and develop an identity of her own.

Inside a small wooden box, Patricia finds letters her aunt had written to her uncle, both deceased. The love her aunt had expressed was deeper than anything Patricia had ever experienced in her own failed marriage. But it is the faith shining from page after page that brings her to tears. Had she known this wise woman, maybe she would have learned to trust the Lord, too.

One last letter in the box, to Patricia from her uncle, turns her waves of indecision into a tsunami. He wanted her to stay at the ranch. The temptation is strong, but she has responsibilities in New York. She’s torn, and her growing attraction to Talon isn’t helping.

The same letter throws Talon’s life into chaos also, because if Patricia decides to leave the ranch, she is to give it to him. All Talon ever wanted was to own a ranch, this ranch. And now, his dreams are just one small woman away. Using as evidence the loss of everyone he’d ever loved, Talon is convinced God wants him single. But his growing appreciation of this spunky little lady is shaking that conviction–to the point he questions whether he wants the ranch more than he wants her.

Time is slipping away, and Patricia needs to decide what to do. But she can’t. To buy time for faith and love to grow, she issues Talon a challenge: “Teach me to ride bulls.”

From here on, they’re in for the ride of their lives.

Home Another Way by Christa Parrish from The Writers Alley.
From the author's website:

After her mother’s death and her father’s abandonment, tiny infant Sarah Graham was left to be raised by her emotionally distant grandmother. As a child she turned to music for solace and even gained entrance to Julliard. But her potentially brilliant music career ended with an unplanned pregnancy and the stillborn birth of her child.

In an attempt to escape the past, Sarah, now twenty-seven, is living life hard and fast–and she is flat broke. When her estranged father dies, she travels to the tiny mountain hamlet of Jonah, New York to claim her inheritance. Once there, she learns her father’s will stipulates a six-month stay before she can receive the money. Fueled by hate and desperation, Sarah settles in for the bitter mountain winter, and as the weeks pass, she finds her life intertwining with the lives of the simple, gracious townsfolk. Can these strangers teach Sarah how to forgive and find peace?

A story of grace, of God’s never-ceasing love and the sometimes flawed, faithful people He uses to bring His purpose to pass.

Do any of these sound good to you? Which one would you read first?


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