Sometimes when I start thinking about a storyline, the character names pop into the story without my needing to think about it.  I just start typing and the characters name themselves.  For one of my works in progress, I pictured the character but couldn't come up with a name.  So I started searching baby name websites.  I wanted the right name for the characters but I also wanted a name with a strong meaning.

     This morning I stumbled across an article on a website for writers called One of the articles Unusual Baby Names for Girls caught my attention.  The author lists some great unusual names but there are links to many other articles for names.  I've bookmarked the site not only for the names, but for the thousands of other articles concerning writing.  Check it out, even if your characters already have names.  You may find that one name that leads you to a brand new story.

     Enjoy the fruits of my research!


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