What a week! And it's not over yet!  I am still hearing back from agents I queried last week. Nothing more than the typical "thank you for thinking of us, but we're not interested" replies. That's the nature of the business. File it away and move on!

I hired an editor this week for the first 15 pages of The Road to Nowhere. If any of my students from past years ever wished someone would take a red pen to my papers, your wish has been granted. Let's just say "ouch" and leave it at that! I was fully prepared for the slashing, so it wasn't too bad. That's what I expected to happen. It took me a few days to process each of the comments. Some of them I understood immediately. Wrong word choice, Needs stronger verb. Some of them took quite a bit of analyzing. Twice she said that a pair of sentences didn't make sense to her. They made sense to me because I wrote them. It wasn't until I started trying to rewrite them that I saw the problem. Lightbulb moment! I'm still working through them and trying to apply the same corrections to more of my work.

I haven't had a chance to submit articles yet this week. I will be doing that this evening and tomorrow. I'll post the links here but you can also go to any of the sites and look me up. If you do, please leave a comment on the article. It helps them know someone is reading the articles.

Also this weekend I will be fine tuning several contest entries. Many of them are due March 15 or 30. It's going to be a busy weekend!


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