I am tweaking my book to prepare to send it to literary agents this week.  I have four in mind.  Each of them has different requirements, so it's a lot like writing four different resumes with all the same information.  Time consuming, but not too difficult.
     I am looking for input.  Would you take a few minutes and go to my Books in Progress/Finished page and read the posted chapter?  Then come back to the blog and leave me some comments.  I am only leaving the chapter posted for the next week, then I will remove it.  Thanks for you help!

11/21/2009 11:48am

This latest rewrite is great!! I also enjoyed the "appetizers" of upcoming works in progress. I am praying that you find an agent/ publisher in the 2010 year. You are a hard worker and a blessing to others.

11/21/2009 2:16pm

Hi Christine,
Just like before, I love this story. I know more than most do about the next chapter (lol)...and am praying that you find just who you need to get this out there for others. Don't give up!


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