Yesterday I drove my sister down to Philadelphia to see a specialist. I drove through New York (around the NYC area), New Jersey, and into Pennsylvania.  My prayers were answered since we managed to avoid nearly all the rush hour traffic.  Just a few snags here and there but no where near what I anticipated.  As we passed through Langhorne then into the city proper, traffic increased. Since I grew up in southern New Jersey, I knew what to expect. Horns honking. Drivers under the impression they were the only one on the road. Pedestrians crossing the street regardless of having the light or not.  It's crazy!  But I love it.  I did find some things I didn't expect.

     As I assimilated myself into the hectic traffic, I received several blasts of the horns and a few shouts which I fortunately couldn't understand.  What surprised me was the driver who waved me into his lane as I sat with my turn signal blinking a desperate staccato for help.  Then there was the pedestrian who stepped out in front of me and scared at least two years off my life. He waved apologetically and stepped back onto the curb. 

     My sister incurred several acts of gracious behavior in a huge hospital full of thousands of strangers.  She needed to call me but the receptionist told her to go down five floors and find a phone down there.  A man behind her in line pulled out his cell phone and offered it to her.  She thanked him, called me, and turned to hand it back to him.  He was walking away to take his elderly mother to the bathroom.  My sister was dumbfounded! He just handed his cell phone to a stranger and walked away!  Wow!  

     When he returned, she thanked him again then looked around for a place to sit in the crowded waiting room.  Another man stood and offered her his seat. Surprised, she thanked him.  Later, she waited in another area for me to pick her up.  The seats were filled but a third stranger stood and offered her his seat. 

     Sometimes, we only see the harshness of human beings.  Sometimes it's difficult to find the gracious, kindness of a stranger.  But during an exasperating time for both of us, we each discovered that chivalry and kindness are not a thing of the past. 


03/25/2011 2:23am

There is no rose without a thorn.

04/08/2011 12:09am

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