Last week, I ordered the Christian Writers' Market Guide 2008.  I hate to use a worn out cliché but I feel like a kid in a candy shop!  There are so many opportunities for Christian writers!  After searching through the agent listings for over an hour, I highlighted about 50 that are possible places to submit my work.  Then I turned to the periodical listings and became seriously overwhelmed.  I had to stop to go make dinner just to let my brain settle down!

After a while I started at the beginning of the book and checked out the groups listed for writers.  This time, I sat at the computer and started looking them up one by one to see which ones I was interested in joining.  But once again, I got bogged down on the first two because there was so much information on their websites. 

Writing may be a full-time job, but researching is two full-time jobs!  I will continue trying to post as many links to treasures as I can.  I’d love to hear from you about great sites for writers.


Happy writing!




03/14/2008 4:23am

God Bless and good luck.

04/12/2008 2:04pm

I enjoyed reading about the Christian Writers Market guide. I have been thinking about buying it. I am new to writing and I'm just beginning to work on a book proposal for non-fiction. Enter me in your book drawing.


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