Welcome to my new website!  I am eager to hear from writers and readers alike.  Share your experiences and learn from those posted here!  Enjoy!


03/03/2008 7:14am

I think it is a nice website. I look forword to reading more of your work. I like what I have written so far.

Sheila Deeth
03/07/2008 2:40pm

Hi Christine. Nice site. Thanks for letting me know about it.

Ruthe McDonald
03/07/2008 2:52pm

Hi Christine. So good to see your webpage. Thanks for letting me know about it. Here's to your success.

Glenda Bixler
03/07/2008 5:56pm

Hi...came out to check your free site... attractice...

Re money you spent with agent...you could have spent about the same amount and self-published...

Don't allow yourself to be scammed...publishing is a cruel world...be careful...

Best regards...

03/08/2008 2:32am

I think I would love to read your book, "Somewhere Down the Road." It sounds very interesting. I came here from Gather to see your new website. I like it. It's very simple and efficient! I hope you find a terrific agent very soon.

03/11/2008 8:12pm

I certainly am no writer. I certainly am a reader.
Of course I have dreams of writing but finding the time is another story in itself.
I saw your post on gather and wanted to come see your blog for myself.

Sheila Deeth
03/11/2008 8:46pm

Lots of Christian markets, but I'm still struggling to find ones that take unsolicited, unagented material.

Sheila Deeth
03/12/2008 4:28pm

Thanks Christine. Followed your links and they're really helpful. Very kind of you to share the benefits of your research.

Amy Williams
03/20/2008 6:37am

Lovely website. I followed the link from Gather and now I am going to investigate your page further.


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