It has been a while, but I'm back on track again.  I have started sending out queries again for Somewhere Down the Road.  Now comes the hardest part - waiting.  I think the most important quality to have at this point is patience.  I am confident that someday, someone will love my work and want to represent it.  I'm just not sure when "someday" will be! 

   I am also back to writing again.  I find it difficult to split my brain between the way I need to think to stay in my story and the way I need to think to stay in my job.  Sometimes I become frustrated that I don't have more time to write.  But then I remember that, as a teacher, at least I have summer and occassional days off during the school year. I'm thankful for that!

   Thank you for stopping by.  I would love to hear from you.  Leave a comment or send an email.

Happy Writing!


04/08/2011 12:16am

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