A little over a year ago, something happened in my life that hurt unbearably.  I was crushed over the situation. My family tried everything they could to support and encourage me, but I just couldn’t get past it. The pain in my heart remained fresh every day. Before I awoke each morning, the knowledge of the situation and circumstances surrounding it overwhelmed me. I cried to God for help and strength to get through the day. Just when I believed I could live with the pain, something new would happen and peel back the layer of healing to expose the wound again.

     But God did give me the strength.  He reminded me consistently that He is in control if I allow Him to be. His molding and shaping of my life isn’t always comfortable, but it is for my best. Once again through this difficult situation, He taught me to trust Him without reservation, to not question His ways, to truly believe His plan is the best plan.

     I didn’t like His plan. I balked at His plan. I cried on the inside and smiled on the outside. But I continued down the path He laid out for me. As much as I didn’t like it, I completely trusted that someday – perhaps only in His glorious presence – I would understand why He allowed this to happen.

     Yesterday, He revealed the reason. If God had not removed me from that situation, I would be in a million times worse situation today. Although my life was uncomfortable and painful over a year ago, it would have been crushed beyond immediate repair this week.

     To those going through similarly earth-shattering circumstances, know that God’s ways are not our ways. His plans are not our plans. He sees far beyond what we can comprehend, imagine, or even desire. He makes no mistakes. He never says “opps”. He never takes His eye off us. His thoughts toward us are thoughts of love and compassion. Although we may never know His reason for allowing something to happen in our lives, we can trust He will complete His work in us to His glory and our good. The words to this song have given me great comfort over the years.


08/14/2010 11:56am

understanding the situation, i can only say one thing - God is so good!

Michelle Kniffin
11/13/2010 1:54pm

Christine you are a huge blessing to me. I love reading your posts. Just listened to that youtube video song and it was a blessing! His strength is perfect when our/my strength is gone. I can testify to this as well in my own life so so many times when I felt alone and helpless.


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