That is now my theme song. I have submitted to a literary agent and just need to wait. This is more difficult than either the writing or editing stages. Those things I can control; this I cannot. I keep hearing verses in my head like "peace be still" and "be still and know that I am God." Regardless of the outcome of the submission, God is in control. In His timing He will bring to pass exactly what I need. I know this and accept it, but the sinful nature part of me wants my own way and wants it now. It's a learning process which I'm hoping to fully comprehend some day.
     I am really excited that God has given me another story. I am working on a sequel to The Road to Nowhere. I never considered writing one while I was going through the first book. But in the week since I've completed it, I see the continuation of the story. This one is called Nowhere to Run. I haven't worked out the complete storyline yet, but I'm not concerned. I didn't know the complete storyline for the first one until about two weeks before I finished it. I didn't have an ending I loved until six days before finishing it. I will post a mini-synopsis in the next few days.
     Thank you to all those who have held me accountable for my daily word counts. You have been a tremendous help to me. In just a week or so, I will be back to that schedule. I am counting on you to help me again!

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