Maybe it's just nostalgia. Maybe it's an appreciation of history. Maybe it's the sheer pleasure of being caught up in the teeming flow of humanity.  The constant flow of traffic and people intent on getting to a destination. It might be just being a teeny-tiny part of something so much larger.

     Whatever it is, the closer I drive to Center City, the more excited and comfortable and relaxed I become.  Wednesday I had the opportunity to feel that all over again.  Norma-Jean needed to see a specialist so off we went.  As I merged into the endless lines of traffic, euphoria settled in. If you've never driven in four close lines of cars and trucks all moving in the same direction at the same speed, you haven't lived.  It does become a bit more interesting when those around you believe they are on the road by themselves.  But if you drive as if you expect to be cut off any second, it's easier to relax.  Does that sound like an oxymoron? 

     It does help if you know where you're going.  The endless grid of one-way streets confuse many! Since it's been quite a while since I drove through the maze, I used the GPS just in case. I discovered it was better to rely on my memory than the computer!! 

     Which do you prefer? Busy bustling city life? Simplified country living? Or somewhere in between?


07/30/2010 12:36pm

Small town living - grocery store, gas station, fire station, police station, park...and no more than 15 minutes to go shopping! That's the best!


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