Today I’m at home fighting some kind of stomach flu. This is definitely NOT a good way to take some time off! I’m trying to put my time to good use: researched new material for my classes; crocheted until I ran out of that color yarn; started a new baby blanket; and worked on my National Novel Writing challenge.

                I’m really enjoying the challenge. It helps that I’m held accountable for my work. Yes, it’s added pressure, but it’s the kind of pressure I need to help keep me focused. I work much better under pressure than when I have all the time in the world. Deadlines are my friend. So writing this story has been different than other books I’ve worked on. It has a different feel to it.

                I’ve discovered that specific kinds of music help me focus on what I’m writing. When I was working on writing papers and thesis for college, there were three specific classical music CDs I listened to. I found that if I didn’t have one of them playing, writing slowed down. I wasn’t as focused. So when I started writing Somewhere Down the Road, I pulled out those CDs and began. It didn’t work. The music actually irritated me. I tried several other styles of music and found one that worked. Don’t laugh or hate me – Barry Manilow music worked the best. My writing moved more smoothly and I focused on the storyline.

                On my next story The Matter of Faith, I started with his CDs. The music didn’t fit. I again searched for something else, even going back to the classical. It didn’t work. This one needed Michael Buble. When I listen to his music, the story just flows.

                I’ve taken a break from The Matter of Faith this month to write the challenge.  Again it took me a while to find the right genre of music. This one surprised me. Jazz. I don’t even like jazz. It meanders and wanders around too much for my taste. But when I’m writing The Road to Nowhere, it just fits.

                I just thought this was rather interesting. I can’t wait to see how this story unfolds. I’m looking forward to the journey as much as the destination.


11/28/2010 6:00pm

I find this fascinating! What was the classical music that helped you write while in college?


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