I am trying hard (and failing!) to remain calm. I just sold my first article to an online magazine!!  Wahooooo!!!! I am an officially published author. It is a short story I wrote a while ago about a World War II veteran. It will be published online at a site called Whateverlovely, a Christian writing site. She also gave me an assignment to write a longer short story for an anthology book. I plan to complete that this weekend.

I am so excited about this because I know it is just the beginning of what God has planned for me. I know He has given me a passion for writing. Yesterday in chapel our speaker taught about answering the Call of Duty. God gives each of us a passion and expects us to use it for Him. It has always been my dream to write and share what God has taught me with others. Thank you, Lord, for this opportunity to share and learn and grow!

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