I always enjoy pictures and this one is especially sweet to me. This is the graph that charted my progress writing The Road to Nowhere in the month of November. It cut off the numbers at the bottom of the chart, but each column represents November 1-30. I reached the 50,000 mark on November 27 with 50,124 words. I didn't update the total again until November 30 which gave me a grand total of 51,646. I actually wrote over 600 words more but I didn't update that on the site.
     I have switched over to using a different program as I continue writing. It breaks my chapters up into separate files so I won't have an over-all word count now until I finish editing. I love the new program as it helps me focus on what happens in each chapter and how that builds into the next chapter. During the month of December, I would like to finish the story or at least get really close. Last night as I moved the story into the new program, I started the editing process. I am so excited to see where it goes next! Please continue to pray for me as I work toward finishing the book and seeking an agent. In all honesty, writing and editing is the easy (though time consuming!) part. Finding an agent takes a very long time and a lot of work.
    I will continue to post updates as I progress. I appreciate each and every comment and word of encouragement. It helps on those dark days when my computer just stares back at me and refuses to do anything!


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