It has been a very challenging month. The end of the first quarter marking period at school. Parent/Teacher conferences. Tests and projects to grade. Thanksgiving to prepare for. And of course writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.
     For years, I have used the excuse that I am too busy during the school year to keep up with my writing. Several times I tried but didn't continue, allowing other things to get in the way. When I accepted this challenge this month, I wasn't sure I would be able to complete it. But I knew that no matter how much I wrote, it was more at the end of the month than I had at the beginning of the month. So I chose a story idea that has been sitting in my files for about five years. I had the basic premise but hadn't developed it into a full story. I wrote the beginning which I've posted here on my blog. When I started the first chapter, the story took on a life of it's own and took off. Some days I only wrote a few hundred words. Other days I found time (and the words!) to write a couple thousand words. God moved and the story has grown and changed. He led me to write the story from a perspective I don't really understand - that of someone who was not raised going to church. It has been a challenge, but I believe I see some things from a new point of view.
     God has also blessed me with several people who are willing to help me with some research. I've never written a mystery/detective story before this one. There are two people in law enforcement who have offered to help me keep the legal aspect of it accurate.
      I'm still not finished writing. My goal is to finish the story in December, then spend January - March revising. I'd like to have it ready to start submitting to a literary agent by April. Thank you to all those who have sent notes of encouragement. Please keep me in your prayers as I continue this journey toward a finished book and seek publication. It is a long, long road.


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