That's an awful title first thing in the morning. Especially since I cut back on my caffeine intake! Oh wait, I wasn't talking about me being up and running. The links to my publications are up and running. There. That's better. Happy in Any State is on Granola Bar Devotionals. All the Right Ingredients is under Life Matters on The Cypress Times. If you haven't read any of my other articles on The Cypress Times, click on my name under About the Author. It lists some of my other articles.

When you do read them, please take a moment to leave a comment. It helps them (and me) know that someone is reading what's published. Also, please wave to me when you stop by here. My blog had over 160 hits one day this week but no comments. Who's stalking me? It's like the phone ringing but no one is there when you pick up. Eerie.

03/11/2011 5:27pm

I loved both of your articles! You are so talented!

Your article over at GBD got lots of hits today so I know it was a success!!!! You are such a blessing!!!


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