Last year I joined the website NaNoWriMo.org. It is a site that challenges each person to begin and complete a 50,000 word novel starting November 1 and finishing by midnight local time November 30. There are very few rules and the reward is the satisfaction of having written a novel in 30 days. The emphasis is quantity over quality - just write!  The month of December is dedicated to fine tuning what was written.
     I keep saying I don't have time to write during the school year. I'm too busy. So my outlines sit there, waiting patiently for me to grow them into a real story. But I think this is do-able. If I just write and don't worry about editing and changing, I can at least get the roots planted and growing. Since I can't start writing anything but the outline until November 1, it gives me plenty of time to choose which seed to plant and water.
     Help me out. I have several stories outline on my Books In Progress page. Which one sounds like something you would want to read? Leave me a message on this post and I'll choose the storyline that receives the most nominations.


11/03/2010 6:39pm

This is awesome - good for you - I think you should write about the Adolescent years - after teacher this age group for so many years, I would imagine, you are close to being an expert ..... and I need all the info I can get these days! :) Good luck to you!


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