The Convenient Groom by Denise Hunter is a contemporary tale of choices, mistakes, forgiveness, and love.  Kate Lawrence is a published author, a talk-show guest, and a highly sought-after marriage counselor.  Engaged to her perfect match as described by her book, she anticipates her wedding day which coincides with a boost to her career.  On that special day, her groom-to-be calls to back out.  Devastated at being jilted but more horrified at what it will do to her career, she reluctantly agrees to her handyman Lucas Wright's proposal to be the stand-in groom.
     With her career just barely glued together, Kate deals with the fact that she is in a fake marriage to someone who doesn't love her and who she doesn't love.  But if she can last just one year, she might be able to keep her career in tact. But with each passing day, the doubts of all she once believed to be true about love and marriage begin to crumble her resolve.  How can she keep going?
      Read The Convenient Groom to see how Denise weaves two lives together with threads from a torn-apart love.

If you are looking for a good read this summer, pick up Colleen Coble’s Cry in the Night.  Although it is a continuation of her Rock Harbor series, it easily stands alone as a great Christian novel. Once again Colleen draws in the reader to become a part of the lives of her characters. Each character is real and believable.  By the time you finish the book, you feel as if you know these characters as next door neighbors.

      The storyline is well-crafted with a balance between just enough mystery to lure the reader into turning the page to see what happens next and finding answers to some questions. Bree Matthews is a search-and-rescue worker along with her dog Samson. Due to a plane crash, she was widowed. (Read more about what happened in the first book in the series Without A Trace.)  Her son Davy from her first marriage has accepted her new husband Kade, but begins to have nightmares about his biological father. When Bree finds an infant in the snow, she is drawn into what appears to be a kidnapping ring. Her longing for another child of her own is accentuated by her caring for the infant. The twists and turns of the plot come to an amazing conclusion for each of the main characters.

      I highly recommend Cry in the Night. It will make you want to read more from this fabulous author!