When I first began writing, I believed it was all about the writing technique.  Perhaps you still think the same thing.  I’ve now come to realize that, yes, the writing must stand on its own, but it’s my job to find it the legs to stand on.  I have read and reread many books on the subject.  I suggest starting here.

The Sell Your Novel Took Kit:
Everything You Need to Know About Queries, Synopses, Marketing, and Breaking In
By Elizabeth Lyon

         If you haven’t read any books yet on these topics, THIS is the book to read.  Although I have a 1997 edition, the information regarding these topics is the same then as now.  Obviously technology has advanced as is evidenced by her comments concerning going to the library to have them print information off the Internet for you.  That part made me smile!

          From the first chapter, Elizabeth Lyon hands you the tools you need to succeed, starting with “How Novels Get Sold”

                            1.   Insider Connections
                            2.   Celebrity Status
                            3.   Contest Winners
                            4.   Short Stories
                            5.   Writers’ conferences
                            6.   Self-Publication
                            7.   Slush-Pile Success
                            8.   Query Letters

From there, she takes the aspiring author through “Dissecting the Synopses”, “Studying the Synopses”, “Dissecting the Query”, “Successful Queries”, and “Researching Publishers and Agents”.  Many other chapters deal with other aspects of writing and publishing.  Get this book!

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