Nowhere to Run (sequel to The Road to Nowhere) WIP

    Jena Dubois stumbled upon some sensitive information in her job at a major pharmaceutical company. She tries to find the right person to tell, but they wrong ones found out. Chased through the building, she ends up in a stairwell, injured with nowhere to run. And her killer coming down the stairs.
    Curtis Ralston couldn’t handle the guilt. The woman he loved and swore to protect is dead because he couldn’t do his job. His best friend and detective partner of twelve years is dealing with health issues that will eventually cause him a great deal of pain and suffering thanks to Curtis’s failure. But Curtis doesn’t know where to turn or what to do other than keep on doing what he knows. He opens a private investigative business with his partner. But he knows there’s nowhere to run.
    Maddox Ainsworth loves being a cop. But that’s over now thanks to his last case. Going into the private sector with his former NYPD partner seems like a good compromise. But the cases are slow and dull. Until Rita Jacobs brings them a missing person’s case. Maddox jumps at the chance to get back into the game, but things become more tangled the more he investigates.

    A drug company gone bad. A crocodile with a cell phone. A cryptic message. What is really going on with Rita Jacobs? Everything leads them to a place where there’s Nowhere to Run.

The Road to Nowhere (FINISHED!! 1/16/11)

       Aileen Praiger knew it was time to get out. After nearly fifteen years of emotional and mental abuse, it was time to leave her husband. Escape was the only solution. But she never expected the escape to end two hours after it began. The car skidding in the rain then slamming into a tree was her last conscious thought.

       Lisa Dempsy was no fool. She knew money was the only way out of the hick town she inhabited. She scrimped and saved, denying herself even simple pleasures. Then a good looking detective shows up and ruins everything. Escape is her only recourse.

       Detective Curtis Ralston loved his job. According to his fiance, he loved it too much. Leaving the city for a routine case, he discovers he's been jilted. Arriving in the small town, he finds the case isn't as routine as he thought. Maybe this case will be the escape he needs from the whole nasty argument with Paisley. Escape sounds good.

       But will any of them escape? Or will they find The Road to Nowhere?

Somewhere Down the Road #1 Path of Faith Series (finished)

The vision for this book came from what I have learned through the years regarding faith.  It is the first title in a trilogy titled The Path of Faith Series.  The following is a brief synopsis.

      Amanda Cerrano believes her faith both in God and His leading in her life is as strong as it can be.  Confident of His leading, she accepts a teaching position in the hometown she left many years ago.  Cooper Pierson believes he is now completely useless after a horrible accident robs him of his wife and his livelihood – and his faith in God.  When he reconnects with his high school friend Amanda, he believes she is the key to helping him back into his old life.  Richard Hensson trusts God’s plans for his life, but he thought they included Amanda.  Three people all believe they have faith.  Cancer, death, and love help them travel the paths they chose, but will any of them reach the destination closest to their heart?

The Matter of Faith (Work in progress)

        Rick Morton left for work just like every other day.  How was he to know that the pile-up on the freeway would change his life forever?  Stuck in the middle of a mile-long accident, Rick rushes to aid a dying woman.  Maureen entrusts him with a secret he vows to keep.  She also wills him her two month old daughter Faith. 

       Not willing to possibly risk Faith’s life, Rick keeps the secret entrusted to him.  His fiancé and friends believe he has fathered a child and been unfaithful to his engagement, but how can Rick prove differently without betraying the trust?  Trusting God with his life and with Faith’s, Rick resigns himself to a life without love – except from a very special little girl.  Just when their lives seem to settle into a routine, Maureen’s past foists itself onto them.  A kidnapping, a rescue, and a love unplanned all concern The Matter of Faith.



Being In the Way #2 Path of Faith Series (Work in Progress)

      Based on verses of Scripture in Luke 9:62 and Romans 11:29, Being in the Way continues the story of faith as Tom Snell, now a college student, begins his training to become a pastor.  Determined to fulfill the calling he believes God has given him, he meets beautiful Felicity.  Her sweetness wins him almost immediately and he is completely enthralled.  As their romance blossoms, doubts arise.  Felicity questions whether Tom is truly called of God to become a pastor.  After two years of dating, Tom proposes confident of Felicity’s love.  Felicity, however, will only accept if Tom gives up the ridiculous idea of becoming a pastor and enters the corporate world at her father’s company.  Will Tom lose the woman he loves or give up his ministry?



Street Signs #3 in Path of Faith Series

           Rebellion to God brings heartache and leads to ruin; surrender to God brings joy.  Each person receives forgiveness, but must still live with the choices made.  These are truths Fiona Snell must learn for herself at seventeen.  Street Signs recounts the struggles of Tom Snell’s daughter as she rebels against her parents and ultimately against the Lord by running away.  Refusing to heed the warning signs, she trusts a man who uses her then throws her aside when he discovers she is pregnant.  Scared, alone, and hopeless, Fiona finds forgiveness, returns to God and her family after finding the right kind of love with a Christian young man – Drew.  Imagine everyone’s surprise when Andrew Hensson, Richard and Amanda’s youngest son, brings home the young woman he loves.  Street Signs brings all the stories together again in a fitting conclusion to the Path of Faith Series.



In A Moment

          Nathan Danvers had it all.  Or so it seemed.  A fearless attorney, he fought cases for the world’s privileged – and won.  Money.  Prestige.  Respect.  Everything a man could want lay at his fingertips – everything except the woman he loved.  She was gone and nothing would bring her back.  He learned to live with that by plunging into case after case, never taking a day off.  But in a moment it all disappeared – one misstep and his world crumbled.  Would Nathan ever recover?  

            Connie Flanders had nothing.  Or so most people thought.  Nothing except the love of a man who would marry her in spite of her past.  She carried scars on her heart that slowly started to heal under the love he brought to her.  Finally, life was giving her something other than a raw deal.  Until that moment – a moment she would never forget.  Her fragile heart shattered that day.  Would Connie ever find someone who could make her whole again?

            Megan Sheffield had seen it all.  Life.  Death. Joy. Sorrow.  Nothing surprised her and nothing touched her.  For nearly thirty years she kept it that way.  Until that moment – one chance meeting and her life changed.  Would Megan ever take her old life back?

            Three people bound together through one incident.  Three people whose lives changed In A Moment.  Three people who need healing and love – the kind of love that only One Person could bring.  Would they accept Him and all He had to offer?

The Face of A Stranger

      Nolan Phillips is a suave business man.  Known in his circle as the “Barracuda Closer”, he gets the job done regardless of the havoc he leaves in his wake.  Rich, athletic, and single, he is also known as the “Heartbreak King.”  His name and his face are well-known.  Until the accident that changed everything.

      Marcus Ackart is a mediocre business man. Good at his job, he gets caught in some fraudulent deals.  Although the charges are considered misdemeanors, the judge decides to make an example of him and sends him to the county jail.  Angry and disillusioned, he applies to be on the road work crew just to escape the four walls.  He would have changed his mind if he knew what would happen at the accident scene.

     Two men.  Two lives.  Neither on the right road in their lives.  Both changed forever by the same incident.