Someone was facing a difficult task this morning. He and many others prayed for God's intervention, but it didn't come. I thought about his situation and shared the following with him.

     My father packed up our family of seven and moved us from a comfortable life in Pennsylvania to the unknown state of Texas. He wanted to finish Bible college and pastor so he and some friends reinforced the axle on the back end of a pick up truck, built four foot plywood walls and a roof on it, and we loaded it with the few belongings we could take. Three days later, we arrived at two in the morning in a foreign country - East Texas.  It was unlike anything we knew. That was mid-September. Dad found work and we tried to settle in.

     I'm skipping many details to get to the incident cited in the title.  Christmas came but my dad's employer somehow didn't have the money to pay him. Things became rather bleak and we literally started running out of food.  Dad hitchhiked to work because we had no gas. We missed church Christmas Day. By Tuesday, my mom made the last two eggs we had for breakfast for my dad. He protested but we all stood our ground. We were home doing nothing; he was lifting sheetrock. It was a no-brainer for us.  Mom told us not to worry, things would work out.

     I think it's the only time in my life I've ever seen our refrigerator and cabinets completely empty. No condiments. Nothing. But I don't remember being upset. Concerned, yes. Upset, no.  I knew God was going to do something. And He did.  Our upstairs neighbor was a Christian. She came home from work and knocked on our door. Unsuspecting, she offered us a dozen fresh eggs. A co-worked raised chickens and had given her two dozen.  My mother burst into tears and we had eggs for dinner. God provided the eggs.

     Within a few days, the church called to find out if we were okay since we never missed church before.  They filled our cabinets and gave Dad money for gas.  A few days after that, Dad's boss paid him all that he owed him.  We have never been in that situation again.  We learned that as long as we trust God, He will provide what we need when we need it.

     I shared this with my friend this morning and let him know we were praying for him and the situation.  A few hours later, he greeted me with, "God provided the eggs!"    Has God provided the eggs for you lately?


Cheri Queen
07/30/2010 10:31am

I just wanted to say....Thank You for the post. I needed that today. God does always come thru for us not always in the way we think he should but in the way that is right.


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