Roads have always fascinated me. Even as a child riding the bus to school, I'd look down a road and wonder where it went. I wondered about the people who traveled that road every day, what their life was like, where they lived. Part of the joy of getting my driver's license was the ability to choose a road to travel, to explore where it led. What was always discouraging was finding a road that led nowhere, one that either had no outlet or ended in a woods or field.
     This can also be a problem in life. We've all heard the term "dead-end job." In some aspect or another, we all feel as if we are on a road to nowhere.We often feel we have no choice but to keep driving that same road until something changes around us. For many, that is certainly true. It takes patience to find the next turn. For others, make that U-turn and go back to where you had a choice. Yet there are still others that need to stop looking for a different road to travel and enjoy the one you're on. Look around. Find the beauty.
     This is where the idea for my book The Road to Nowhere was born. The first character reaches a point when she realizes she is going nowhere and she decides to do something about it. Let's just say it doesn't work out well for her. (You'll have to read the book to find out why!) The next character doesn't realize his relationship is going nowhere until it figuratively crashes. He doesn't know what road to take. He tries to pull a U-turn, but that doesn't work. A third character knows she's on a road to nowhere but believes she has no choice but to keep going. She makes the best of it until a road-block is thrown in front of her. This is what causes her to realize she can't continue to run her life. For the first time in her life, she hears of God's love for her. Several people around her exhibit that love in real ways. She wants to know more. Through several unexpected turns, she finds God's love and forgiveness. She knows she's on a new road now.
     Of course there's much more that happens. A house fire. A kidnapping. A death. But the point is that no matter what twists and turns life takes, if we keep our eyes on God, it doesn't matter where the road leads or what happens along the journey. God will always take us where we need to go.



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